Designed by Mrs D. Bresolin, the Eye Pillows are hand made with the best silk and/or linen. Each piece is unique! Each eye pillow is a piece of Art!





The ultimate anti-fatigue treatment to soothe and relax your   eye area! The weight is just right to be heavy enough yet not uncomfortable.


Their back are always made of fine white silk. They are filled with organic linseeds and French lavender.


Lavender is well known for its soothing and calming properties. That is why using one of these eye pillows is so relaxing.


Size is about 7" 5 x 4".


Most of them are decorated with vintage lace. Various colours are available.




Eye Pillow Men 

Eye pillows can be made without decorative vintage lace. Some are specifically designed for men. Various colours are available.


 Eye Pillow Boutis

Some eye pillows are decorated with "Boutis". Boutis is a very ancient technique from the South of France. It uses two layers of fabric (cotton, linen or silk) on which a pattern is hand-drawn.

Eye Pillow without decoration £20.00
Eye Pillow decorated with lace £25.00
Eye Pillow decorated with Boutis £35.00