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Renewing Programme Box

NEW! A box with everything to perform your own facial at home

  • Salon effectiveness at home for the skin's radiance and youthfulness:

- PHASE 1: 20 minutes intensive home beauty treatment to leave the skin as good as new and reveal an instantly luminous complexion.

- PHASE 2: Four weeks daily skincare programme to prolong the skin's radiance. The box contains a 30 ml tube of Radiance Renewing Cream and a 15 ml tube of Smoothing Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour Gel. Both products are to be used morning and evening to prolong the results of the 20 minutes treatment.


  • Targeted active ingredients for:

- Skin that's as good as new thanks to the AHA Radiance Peel to exfoliate and refine the skin texture. This peel also provides radiance to the skin.

- A revitalising, plumping and "lifting" effect thanks to in the Lifting Cellular Serum which contains DNA (excellent to stimulate cellular activity),

- An even, luminous complexion thanks to the Radiance Powder Mask which contains Mica (to reflect the light in order to illiminate the skin) and Pure Vitamin C to reactivate the cells and illiminate the skin.


  • Results:

- The skin is soft, smoothed and energised. It regains radiance and youthfulness.

- The complexion is luminous and even.


Excellent for both women and men.


This Renewing Programme Box is available to purchase via the COLLIN online shop. If you live in London it can be delivered by your Beauty Therapist at your home or workplace on the day and time of your choice.



Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment

The very fragile eye contour is often the area of the face most marked by ageing and signs of fatigue.

It needs a specific treatment with products adapted to its very thin skin.

Collin proposes an innovative and highly technological professional treatment specific for the eye contour. This treatment incorporates ultra-performing ingredients and micro-current patches.

Who is this treatment for?

  • For those whose eye contour is marked by the passage of time (wrinkles, fine lines, poor circulation, fat retention).
  • For those who have a tired look (puffiness, dark circles) that lacks radiance.

This treatment can be combined with a mini face lifting treatment.

A course of 4 treatments is highly recommended.


  • Single: £62.00  Course of 4: £220.00
  • Combined with Mini-Face Lifting Treatment: £85.00  Course of 4: £300.00

NEW Morpho-Skin First Wrinkle RICH Cream

Both Morpho-Skin First Wrinkle Creams have been inspired by aesthetic medicine (botox, fillers, face lifting) and will work to:

  • Relax expression lines,
  • Plump the skin's surface,
  • Activate collagen production,
  • Protect cellular skin components,
  • Restore volume to the tissue and lift.

The original Morpho-Skin First Wrinkle Cream is non-skin type specific and is therefore suitable for all. However, Collin has found it is sometimes too light in texture for drier or dry skins, especially during the autumn/winter months. Therefore the new formulation Morpho-Skin First Wrinkle RICH Cream has been created.

It delivers all of the results clients love from the Morpho-Skin First Wrinkle Cream but now it is enriched with nourishing and protective active ingredients which activate the skin's oil production to bring comfort and suppleness to dry skin.

  • This product is ideal as a winter cream for all to give protection from cold winds.
  • It will also offer a richer night cream if you like the day cream/night cream philosophy.
  • It is also ideal for those with a drier or dry skin type.


How do wrinkles appear?

  • Internal factors: The natural intrinsic ageing process, skin loses elasticity and the first signs of wrinkles appear.
  • External factors: The influence of sun, smoke, stress, pollution, facial movements.
  • From 25-30 years: Collagen production decreases, expression lines appear and dehydration lines appear.

Wrinkle formation is more visible on a skin with dryness (lack of oil) and/or dehydration (lack of water).

A hydrated and nourished skin is smoothed and plumped.

The phenomena of dehydration and dryness will allow the skin to lose suppleness and elasticity and is accentuated by ageing and visible ageing accentuated  by dryness and/or dehydration - sadly, it's a double edged sword! 

Price: £49.00 (50 ml jar)

The New Anti-Ageing Calming Professional Treatment

This dual objective treatment combines anti-ageing properties (and proven results) with calming, soothing and strengthening properties and is suitable for the following skin types and conditions:

  • Anti-Ageing,
  • Sensitive Skin,
  • Couperose Skin,
  • Acne Rosacea,
  • Dry Skin,
  • Hormonally Challenged/Mature Skin,
  • Fragile Skin,
  • Uncared for, Neglected Skin,
  • Those who feel sensentions of discomfort, of overheating and of tightness.
  • Those who want to diffuse redness, itching and rashes.

For the first time, fragile or red, sensitive, angry skin has the opportunity to be treated with highly effective anti-ageing properties. Your skin will be totally strengthened, redness reduced instantly, whilst combating the signs of ageing.

Results are visible after the very first treatment, however for best results a course of 4 treatments is highly recommended.

Price: £88.00 for a single treatment or £315.00 for a course of 4 treatments.


NEW Smoothing Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

A fresh decongesting gel, which fights against the signs of fatigue: darkness, puffiness and dicolouration of the skin due to ageing.

This delicate eye area will also be smoothed and better equipped to fight against external agressions.

It will look luminous and bright.

This product is ideal for clients who's darkened, tired eyes age them, for stressed skin and those who live or work in urban pollution.

15 ml tube. Price: £31.00

How does it work?

  • On the skin's surface: An AHA solution improves skin radiance and smoothes the skin's surface. An ingredient called Tensine® gives instant firming effects.
  • Deeper Down: Vitamin C is brightening and ani-wrinkle. It suppresses melanin systhesis to prevent discolouration. Collagen prevents and corrects ageing, regenerates, hydrates and plumps.
  • Introducing Eyeliss®, a new active ingredient: Anti-puffiness, and dark circles, it stimulates lymphatic drainage to acheive better circulation of cellular fluids. It strengthens capillaries to prevent blood leakage into the tissue, which causes a build up of waste materials. Eyeliss® also counteracts skin slackening and increase firmness, this decreases irritations, which could lead to puffiness.

The Algo Slimming Programmes

With the Collin Algo-Slimming Programmes, you will notice visible results. A more refined silouhette, diminished unwanted curves and the skin will be more smooth, firm and youthful.

Four Algo-Slimming Programmes are available:

Slimming Programme  Problem  Procedure
Algo-Slimming 1: Anti-Cellulite Programme Cellulite - Orange peel skin Body Scrub, Slimming Massage, Firming Body Wrap.
Algo-Slimming 2: Contouring Programme Fatty Tissue  Body Scrub, Warming Mask, Firming Body Wrap.
Algo-Slimming 3: Draining Programme Water Retention Body Scub, Lymphatic Drainage, Slimming Body Wrap.
Algo-Slimming 4: Lipo-Draining Programme Water Retention and Fatty Tissue Body Scub, Lymphatic Drainage, Warming Mask.

For best results a course of 10 Algo-Slimming treatments is highly recommended.

  Localised  fat   hips,  buttocks and  thighs Localised fatty deposits (hips, buttocks, thighs) + Heavy legs Localised fat around the stomach (non defined waistline) Generalised fatty deposits (thighs and waist)                
No 1  Draining Programme Draining Programme      Draining Programme Draining Programme
No 2 Lipo-Draining Programme Draining Programme  Contouring Programme Draining Programme
No 3 Anti-Cellulite Programme Lipo-Draining Programme  Anti-Cellulite Programme  Anti-Cellulite Programme 
No 4 Contouring Programme Anti-Cellulite Programme  Contouring Programme  Lipo-Draining Programme 
No 5 Anti-Cellulite Programme Contouring Programme  Contouring Programme Contouring Programme 
No 6 Contouring Programme Draining Programme  Lipo-Drainage Programme Anti-Cellulite Programme 
No 7 Lipo-Draining Programme Draining Programme  Contouring Programme  Lipo-Draining Programme 
No 8 Anti-Cellulite Programme Lipo-Draining Programme  Anti-Cellulite Programme  Contouring Programme
No 9 Contouring Programme Anti-Cellulite Programme  Contouring Programme Anti-Cellulite Programme
No 10 Draining Programme Contouring Programme  Anti-Cellulite Programme Draining Programme

A full consultation is necessary to make sure you receive the right treatments. Ask your Beauty Therapist for more information.

Homecare products are recommended to maintain and intensify the results obtained through the Algo-Slimming programmes.


How to choose Body Slimming and Inch Loss Products?

First and foremost, it is essential that the product can get into the skin and do its job. This means exfoliation. Just like the face, the body needs it too! For soft, smooth skin and ultimate product penetration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Morpho-Body Shower Peel:  A 10% AHA gel that is more powerful than a mechanical scrub and leaves no mess. For deeper peeling, massage into dry skin avoiding mucus membranes. Leave for 2-5 minutes, dampen skin in shower, foam up the product and rinse. For lighter peeling, use on damp skin and leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse. Use twice a week and up to 4 times a week on an extremely dry skin.  200 ml bottle  Price: £21.50

Exfoliating Aqua Gel: This non aggressive gel is gentle enough to be used daily on damp skin. Massage with large circular movements. Insist on knees, elbows, rough areaa, then rinse carefully. For a deeper exfoliation, it can be applied on dry skin (ideal before a self tanning treatment).   200 ml tube  Price: £17.50

Slim Zoom - Anti Cellulite Spray: A self-heating product to stimulate and aid active ingredient penetration. Packed with fat reducing ingredients, it also contains Remoduline® which de-stocks the fat cells and helps to drain troublesome dimpley areas. Proven efficiency tests show that after 56 days use, a reduction of over 2 cm in perimeter of the tested thigh!  Does not need to be massaged. Can be followed  with 3 in 1 Contouring Gel for a intensive treatment and/or Morpho-Body Sculping Cream for loss of skin tone.  125 ml bottle-spray  Price £26.50

3 in 1 Contouring Gel - A fat reducing, water draining, skin firming gel:  This product uses cyclolipase® which stimulates "fat burning" and incorporates AMPc which, when the body produces this naturally, has a kick starting result of fat burning, thus stimulating the body to speed up its natural fat burning process. Ideal for anyone who tends to carry more weight around their middle, "apple shaped" and also younger persons. Use it alone or after Slim Zoom.   150 ml tube  Price £29.00

Morpho-Body Lipo Sculping Cream - Lipo sculping in a bottle!  Its powerful ingredients protects elastin fibres, reorgonise collagen fibres and soften lines. True anti-ageing for the body. It contains a duo of lifting ingredients and Unislim® which reduces fatty overloads and then stops the re-entry of fat into the cells. Perfect for those complaining of loss of skin tone and those who want to lose inches. Results of thigh perimeter reduction of nearly 2 cm in 56 days.  200 ml bottle  Price: £34.50

All these products can be used individually or in combination with each other.

And remember, all of the products will work more effectively if they are not fighting their way through dead skin cells and surface debris. Please exfoliate!


Refiner Pore Serum - The Skin Perfecting Serum for open pores

In today's culture for seeking flawless perfection, the skin conscious consumer will always get a helping hand in the salon with the Refiner Pore Treatments and at home with the Refiner Pore Serum.

The results are magnificent - the skin is smoothed, refined and uniformed whilst the pores are tightened and an overall radiance is revealed. What's more, these benefits will make your make-up look flawless and last longer.

This is a product for ALL clients and should be applied on clean dry skin, morning and evening, concentrating on the T-Zone and areas of open pores. As sebum rates are reduced drier skins should compensate with plenty of suitable treatment cream.

As ageing onsets, the pores may open as part of the natural ageing process. This product will help to have a more youthful peachy complexion.

For best results the Refiner Pore Treatment is perfect!

50 ml tube. Price: £29.00

What is in it to make it work?

  • Zinc Gluconate: It is a sebo regulator (helps make-up "stay put"), a pore tightener (gives smoothness), and a matifyer (less shiny skin).
  • Radiancer®: A new generation of AHA which gently exfoliates, hydrates and reduces dull, grey complexions.
  • Salicylic Acid: This is a BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). It deep cleanses into the mouth of skin pores ensuring "debris and rubbish" is not closed into the pore - this would eventually cause infection and spots - so it is a very important ingredient.


The Nourisking Regenerating Mask

A new mask for dry skin (lacking in oil or lipid).

A double action nourishing and anti-ageing mask with a beautiful buttery texture. Your skin will be more comfortable, softer and more supple. this product brings instant relief from tightness and dry patches. Many users have found their skin less sensitive.

Use 2-3 times per clean on clean, dry skin. Remove after 10 minutes (do not tone) or simply sleep in it.

50 ml tube. Price: £26.00.

How does it work?

  • On the surface: Instantly nourishes and comforts.
  • Deeper down: Stimulates oil production and then cleverly maintains the increased oil levels (long term relief).
  • Anti-Ageing: Brings energy to the cells and increases collogen production (+54%) and protects DNA.


The Dermo-Purifying Mask

A new mask with a triple objective: to purify, mattify and encourages new skin.

A deep cleansing mask to eliminate impurities. Excess oil is absorbed and the skin is left beautifully matte. Open pores are reduced and the skin looks bright and healthy.

With use, you will notice your skin's texture is smoother and finer thanks to a micro-exfoliator which works within the skin rather than on the surface.

Ideal for oily and combination skins, for those with imperfections and blocked pores or thickened skin.

Use twice weekly on clean, dry skin. Remove after minutes and tone.

50 ml tube. Price: £20.00

How does it work?

  • On the surface: Absorbing powders absorbs excess oil and mattify the skin.
  • Deeper down: Active ingredients fight the growth of spot developing bacteria by - 34% in 28 days and reduce oil production by 44%.
  • Contains lactic acid which is a micro-exfoliator and essential oils (lemon, bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, thyme) all purifying and controlling bacteria growth.

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